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Occasion and new parts for old and recent material,

STRONIC proposes to you today on line estimation service.

To carry out your estimate you can :

- Use our search engine . (help) .
- Make an alphabetical research.
- Use the listing pages even more reactive.
- Ask for an estimate by selecting your requested products in the basket and fill in your information. We will answer you as soon as possible by mail.

Due to the recent opening of our site, the data base is constantly updated, do not hesitate to tell us your needs.

Stronic provide Scialytique products, the origin of operating lights.


you have a right of access, modify or delete data about yourself
( Articles 39 and followinf concerning the law of computer and freedom )

For the exercice, please contact :

34, Rue de LENS
59000 LILLE

 STRONIC :  34, rue de Lens 59000 Lille France     /  Fax : (+33) 3 20 42 93 84